Possible Reopening

I was thinking of reopening i have missed the community and know that alot of people still like to make keanu icons so if advertise and some more people join i may carry on the challanges again :)

please comment here if you would be intrested in entering :)

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ther have been no entries for challange 22 i think the community needs more members does anyone have any ideas for prommoting i do post it in promo communities but any promotion will help :)

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Challange 22

there were not enough entries for challange 21 so here is challange 22

you can enter any keanu icon you like it can be from photoshoots any movies such as the matrix
you may enter up to 6 icons for this challange
icons must be 100x100
icons must be made by you they do not have to be freshley made as its a special challange but they  cannot be old entries to ant icontest

Have Fun

some links for images
the matrix:

ends the 20th of september
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i was thinking maybe with the summer holidays and alot of people having free time would it be worth re opening if you think that might be a good idea and you would try to participate please awnser to this comment :)

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there seems to be little intrest in the community, only 1 entry again i have tried advertsing and other things i dont want to close the community but i think i will put in on hiatus and maybe try again to get some entries and see if there is more intrest if you think its a good idea to try once more for entries in a new challange then say here and i will think about it :)